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Application of Facial Oils

Grass Roots Body Care facial oils - argan, jojoba, pumpkin seed, rosehip - are absolutely stunning oils to use on your face.  You only need a tiny 3-4 drops to cover your whole face. 

Some people have said they need more... but they have ALSO said that they put the oil on their fingers/hands, first!  I believe the oil is already soaking into the hands and fingers before it gets to reach the facial skin!  So please, apply the drops directly to your face.

Just tilt your head back a little, drop 1 on the forehead, 1 on each cheek, and if needed, 1 on the chin.  Spread it across your face gently.

Hyaluronic acid only requires 2 drops.  I add one to each cheek and smooth it across my face and neck.  The HA drops are larger than the oils, so 2 is plenty!.