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BOOST - Coffee Oil
BOOST - Coffee Oil
BOOST - Coffee Oil
BOOST - Coffee Oil

BOOST - Coffee Oil

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Our organic Roasted Coffee Bean Oil is obtained by cold pressing roasted beans (seeds) of the coffea arabica plant.  It has been used as a beauty treatment for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular in the modern day cosmetic industry to help stop the visible signs of ageing.

Numerous scientific studies show that roasted coffee bean oil has regenerative capabilities, improving the appearance of fine lines, firmness, redness and texture of the skin.  Coffee has the same PH level as human skin which alone helps to maintain a healthy balance by retaining proper moisture levels and prevent acne breakouts.  Roasted Coffee bean oil promotes collagen synthesis

Roasted Coffee Oil's active chemical components contribute to its reputed benefits of being invigorating, refreshing, and a highly aromatic oil. Coffee Oil has a range of benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce soreness in the muscles. The oil is also rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which provide protection from the effects of free radicals, increase immunity, restore moisture to the skin, help the appearance of puffy eyes, and also help improve the production of collagen

How coffee can benefit your skin, body & mind.

Below are ELEVEN of the purported benefits that coffee may have for your skin.

1. Cellulite reduction

Coffee may help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. It’s thought that the caffeine content in coffee is the key to cellulite reduction by dilating blood vessels beneath the skin and improving overall blood flow. In turn, this may help decrease the appearance of cellulite.

2. Helps soothe puffy eyes  

The caffeine in all natural Coffee Bean Oil helps to calm the skin and tissue around the issues that causes puffiness. Just like when you drink coffee, the caffeine in coffee is a diuretic, which means it draws out water. The caffeine stimulates the skin to calm down, diminishes puffiness from the added moisture, and makes eyes look brighter.

3. Calming effects

While coffee is renowned for its stimulating effects inside the body, it may provide the opposite effects when applied topically. This is thanks to the antioxidants in coffee.

4. Anti-aging benefits

Applying coffee directly to your skin may help decrease the appearance of sun spots, redness, and fine lines.

5. Vitamin B-3 for skin cancer

Coffee is a rich source of vitamin B3 (niacin), thanks to a breakdown of a key compound called trigonelline. However, trigonelline breaks down into niacin after coffee beans have been roasted. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, niacin may be helpful in preventing nonmelanoma skin cancers and can possibly prevent other skin growths.

6. Reduced inflammation

Anti-inflammatory effects may be attributed to chlorogenic acid (CGA) as well as melanoidins in coffee. CGA is also linked to reducing hyperpigmentation that may have a connection with inflammation.

7. Acne treatment

In the case of a wound or frequent skin infections, the regular use of coffee could help combat problems from harmful bacteria. The CGAs in coffee have both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

8. Dark circles

Coffee may also help treat stubborn dark circles under the eyes, according to Beverly Hills MD Cosmeceuticals. This is because the caffeine content in coffee is thought to help dilate blood vessels that contribute to dark circles.

9. Reduces swelling of bee stings and bites 

This oil also helps to soothe pain from a bite and being anti-inflammatory, this will help to calm redness or swelling from the bite

10. Topical aromatherapy benefits also helps depression 

Coffee Bean Oil contains similar notes and smells of the coffee one drinks. These rich fragrances have been used to soothe anxiety and feelings of depression. Unlike Coffee Essential Oils, this carrier oil has a somewhat lighter, calmer scent to have on your face in the morning.

11. Alleviates muscle pain and tension 

Add this oil to a massage oil and it will not only relax and calm nerves but actually relax tense muscle or joint pain that you might be experiencing.



FLAVONOIDS are known to:

  • Help build defense against free radicals
  • Possess antioxidant properties
  • Possess anti-inflammatory properties

LINOLEIC ACID (40-46%) is known to:

  • Add moisture to the skin
  • Benefit maturing skin
  • Improve the appearance of damaged skin
  • Help promote skin regeneration

PALMITIC ACID (30-36%) is known to:

  • Possess anti-inflammatory properties
  • Have emollient properties
  • Help heal rashes, dryness and insect bites on the skin
  • Help remove excess oil from skin

OLEIC ACIDS (7.5-10.5%) are known to:

  • Help calm and soothe skin
  • Help balance and repair skin damage
  • Possess antioxidant properties

STEARIC ACID (7.5-9.5%) is known to:

  • Possess cleansing properties
  • Help soothe damaged skin
  • Have emulsifying properties
  • Help stabilize the texture in skin products


Directions:  Apply gently to skin at the end of your skincare regime.  Use the handy roller to apply under the eyes to help reduce puffiness and dark circles, or the dropper to apply to larger areas.

Ingredients: 100% organic roasted Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Oil

Country of Origin: Brazil


Oils used in our blends are kosher, cruelty free, vegan, HACCP certified, halal certified, Non GMO, gluten free, ISO9001 certified, ISO14001 certified, ISO45001 certified.  And as always, our blends are made to order so you receive only the freshest products - we don't have our blends sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased :)


Disclaimer: In accordance with Government guidelines no therapeutic claims are made and no medical advice can be offered. If you have a health problem we have to recommend seeking medical advice from your qualified health professional... This information is strictly a source of general information, we recommend you do your own research, any information supplied is not intended for use as a tool for self-diagnosis. We make no claims as to effectiveness and cannot guarantee the accuracy of any healing properties claimed.

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