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AWAKEN - Blue Lotus Blend
AWAKEN - Blue Lotus Blend
AWAKEN - Blue Lotus Blend
AWAKEN - Blue Lotus Blend
AWAKEN - Blue Lotus Blend

AWAKEN - Blue Lotus Blend

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AWAKEN - Blue Lotus Moringa Oil Blend

Once traded for gold, the heady scent of the Blue Lotus flower has been a guarded and treasured secret for centuries. Adorning the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs, this prized flower (also known as Egyptian Lotus or Sacred Lily of the Nile) produces oil that is coveted for its intoxicating and desirable scent. 


Seduce your Senses

Rarer than its more common cousin, the white lotus, the Blue Lotus produces intimate essence which will stimulate your sensuality and evoke a connection to your inner sexuality. This mystical and pure scent not only imbues the wearer with an indefinable desirability, but will induce similar feelings in those who are drawn close to you.


Manifest your desires

Blue lotus oil is the perfect scent for awakening your sexual desire, yet it is also a powerful aroma for manifesting any of your earthly desires . Use your Blue Lotus Oil while meditating to bring to mind a desire you yearn for – it might be love, a new career or perhaps well-deserved holiday. Then dab the powerful Blue Lotus oil on your skin, breathing in its spiritual properties, and visualise yourself with your desire already achieved – enjoying life with your new partner, succeeding in business or relaxing under the shade of a palm tree. Imagine your desire fully manifested. Each time you apply your Blue Lotus oil to your skin, wherever you are, you will awaken the strength of that desire in your mind and body, sending out positivity and attracting your desire toward you. 


Our special blend

The ultimate aphrodisiac, our exotic Blue Lotus Oil is carefully blended with Himalayan Moringa Oil and is specially packaged in a roll-on vial for you to keep with you always. Blue Lotus oil alone is highly potent and must be blended with carrier oil for skin. Touted as a miracle plant , Moringa Oil is pressed from the seeds of this small native Indian tree renowned for its health benefits.  Rich in antioxidant , antibacterial and anti-ageing properties it is the perfect partner in our exclusive Blue Lotus Oil blend

You will also notice that we have multiple choices available for purchase.  This is because we have included crystals to the blend, blessed and energised by Angelic Reiki Master Jen Zen, specific to your manifesting needs.  Choose one, choose them all, or choose none.  The choice is yours.


Crystals used in our blends

Clarity, Desires & Staying True TO YOU - we include moonstone, clear quartz and bloodstone.

Health - we include obsidian, amethyst, clear quartz, garnet.

Love - we include rose quartz and green aventurine.

Money, Success & Wealth - we include green aventurine, carnelian, rose quartz and clear quartz.


Other amazing benefits of our AWAKEN oil blend include,

- Promotes deep sleep

- Anxiety relief, mood and awareness enhancer

- Anti-ageing face oil and acne/spot treatment 
- Excellent moisturiser for all skin types, for after your shower, before or after shaving and if you are sunburned 
- Relief from skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, and it can soothe irritation from bug bites, small cuts and abrasions. Also great for tattoo aftercare!
- A magnificent oil for all types of massage and meditation 
- Hair tonic (head hair, facial hair, eyebrows and eyelashes!) 

...and so much more!!


Ingredients: Moringa oleifera (moringa) oil, Nymphaea caerulea (blue lotus) absolute oil.

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